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Employer Demo

Good customer service is like pie without ice cream. It works, but why would you settle when you can have it a’ la mode. The market is saturated with good health insurance agents. They keep your interests top of mind, find you a fair price and even promptly return your phone calls. Those agents are just plain pie when compared to agents who have invested in BASIC Guru – like Karcher Benefits.

BASIC Guru is a secure online benefit management system. What’s that mean to me, you ask? It means that you and your employees can access all of your critical information anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for a returned phone call because you can now answer the question yourself on demand. Nothing can replace an attentive agent, but an agent with BASIC Guru is going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. Don’t settle, expect the best!

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Employee Demo

Your employees can sign into our secure site to review their benefits, view network options, access their current benefit statement, access any forms or documents you or your agent makes available to the employees 24/7.

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Managed HR Portal Demo

Your one stop online resource for employee management and workplace compliance information. These essentials are designed to help you complete your HR responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

* Handbook

* Policy Library

* Job Descriptions

* HR Forms

* 3 Minute Company Audit

* Checklists

* Guides

* Letters

* Question and Answer Database

* Monthly Newsletter

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