BASIC Payroll Plus

BASIC Payroll Plus understands everything that’s riding on your payroll. Technology is a fundamental part of payroll today. We count on advancements to make lives and jobs easier, but nothing replaces personal service.

Payroll Processing is not unique, but BASIC’s service is unmatched. Our customers depend on individualized attention and quick responses to special requests.

  • custom reports
  • automatic transfers
  • electronic tax filings
  • direct deposit
  • same day processing
  • special requests such as workers’ compensation audits, internal analysis, mailing lists or company logo/signature
  • submit hours or changes via phone, fax or email

Remote Software is available for those clients that want to pre-run their payroll before sending their data to BASIC. Remote software also gives the employer the ability to run a large variety of reports.

Online Payroll is the wave of the future in payroll technology. When employers use direct deposit their payroll becomes virtually paperless. The greatest benefit of our online system is the ability for employers and their CPA to view 13 months of payroll history and reports. Employees may also view and print 13 months of check history.

  • payroll is virtually paperless when used with direct deposit
  • many companies find online payroll cheaper than shipping costs
  • multilevel web access
  • administrative level allows managers and your CPA to view 13 months of payroll reports online
  • employee level allows employees to view 13 months of their own check history

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