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Life Insurance Needs Estimator

There are a lot of excuses to not buy life insurance, “I don’t need life insurance, my spouse will remarry” or “I have life insurance thru my company.”  It is optimistic to think your spouse is such a catch that he or she could easily replace you even while trailing 2 kids and some extra pounds garnered over the years.  I personally would not want the financial future of my loved ones be dependent on whomever my partner could snag next!  If your family is financially dependent on you, you need life insurance and more than likely a lot more than your company provides.  MSN Money has a Life Insurance Needs Estimator that can help you figure out how much is needed to maintain your families current lifestyle without major changes.  I recommend starting with this tool by clicking on the blog title and then contacting a professional to work on meeting this need.  You don’t want your family’s final memory to be how much you left them in the lurch!